Physical Computing — Arduino

My goal at CMU is to learn to design for all kinds of digital experiences. Besides learning the tools to prototype digital user interfaces I also took an Arduino class at CMU. Here are pictures and the schematics of the flower watering system that I made.

I learned how to code with Arduino and use different sensors, but more importantly I have now have the skills to quickly showcase my ideas in a tangible way.

Artist Book

During my senior year in college I took a book making class. Besides learning binding techniques, we also made unconventional artist books. These artist books were a new medium for me. It allowed me to create in a three dimensional format and provided more opportunities for storytelling.

Here are two of my favorite projects from this class:

  • On a house of cards I wrote a story about a young magician from a magician family wanting to break traditions and invent new tricks, illustrating the fragileness of a young boy’s dreams.
  • I hid the transcription of an angry phone call I’ve overhead in the cavity of a broken iPhone, demonstrating the relationship between physical devices and the digital memories in them.

Daily Watercolor

In the few months after I graduated college in 2015, I challenged myself to draw a small watercolor drawing everyday.

Product Design: Apple Watch Charging Dock

When the Apple Watch first came out, I looked at its charger and thought how nice would it be to have dock to hold the charger, so it won't fall. So I teamed up with a friend and went to work.

We named our product YAN, after the Chinese inkstone 砚, which is also where our inspiration for its shape came from. The inkstone, along with the brush pen, the Chinese ink stick and Chinese rice paper ,are the four essentials in a Chinese study (文房四宝). These essential items are not only practical but also shows the taste of it's owner, for they would come in different styles and designs.